Inspection AIStreamline Your Inspection and Claim Preparation.

Organize Inspection Data, Manage Your Properties, and Generate Accurate Weather, Measurements and Damage Reports.

Get your first free measurement and weather report.


Unique fixture and damage labels.

90 minutes

Time saved per inspection.

30 minutes

Get measurement and weather reports.

24 hours

Get storm damage report.

Who is Inspect Properties for?

Delivering Clarity and Confidence to Property Stakeholders.



Organize job data, generate insights for smarter decisions, and cut report preparation time and cost.



Manage all properties in one place, streamline inspections and maintenance, and gain insights about your properties.



Optimize the claims process with proof-of-loss evidences, policy assistant, and rapid report preparation.

Features to make your job easy


Capture all types of data.

Collect and store all types of documents, images, and measurements of the inspection at one place.

Drone Scans

Mobile Captures

Images, Videos, and 3D Scans

Receipts and Documents

Unlimited Storage


Maintain property data.

Automatically tag and label captured data for easy search and claim preparation usage.

Auto Tagging

AI Labelling

Custom Tagging

DIY Labelling

Advanced Search and Filter


Evidence for claim success.

Save time, reduce errors, and defend estimates/supplements with objective, transparent evidence of damage.

Pre-Identified Evidence

Human Reviewed Evidence

Slope-By-Slope Aggregation

Write Your Own Notes


Objective one-click reports.

Generate detailed damage, measurement, and weather impact reports, simplifying insurance claims submissions with precision and clarity.

Pre-Filled Reports

White Labelled Reports

Measurement Report

Proof-of-Loss Report

Weather Report

Plans built for your business.

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Pay only for the report you want for every inspection.

First inspection free

Manage unlimited inspections

$15 measurement report

$30 weather report

$60 storm damage report


$199 /user/month

Measurement, proof-of-loss and weather reports per inspection.

Manage unlimited inspections

$10 measurement report

$20 weather report

$50 storm damage report

5 revisions per report


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Access our experts for claim preparation and report review.

Unlimited free inspections

Access to property history

In-house expert reports

Dedicated customer support

Unlimited images per inspection

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